View of French Alps from Chamoix

10 Fun Things to Do in the French Alps


The activities the French Alps offer are exciting and endless.  However, these are our favourite 10 fun things that can be done by the thrill-seeker or a visiting family. 

The French Alps is certainly one of Europe’s natural wonders. A chain of coarse mountains that extend nearly 1000km, it has become a haven for travellers and fun seeking individuals looking for thrill and excitement. 

Skiing and Snowboarding


These two winter sports are definitely among the most exciting activities that continuously pull tourists to the snow-coated mountains during the cold months of winter. Tourists that intend to enjoy the experience of gliding across slopes of mountainous snow will be looking for a ski resort.  We highly recommend Les Arcs ski resort as it is renowned as the best place in France for skiing and snowboarding enthusiasts.

Cycling in the summer sunshine

This is certainly one of the adventurous activities that can be enjoyed by explorers and fun-loving families alike. The French Alps has a very elaborate road network that is perfect for cyclers who want to spend hours discovering breath-taking scenery. With many roads, paths, and tracks that stretch for miles, the Alps has become a cyclist paradise for both experts and newbies.

Kayaking in the lakes or white water rivers


The French Alps remains a great destination for kayaking enthusiasts that wish to navigate some of the most daring waters known to man.  With a variety of river types available for kayakers of all expert levels, tourists are certain to find the ideal kayaking adventure that will suit them.

Fishing in the French Alps

For tourists seeking less strenuous activities and more harmony-fostering pastimes, fishing in the Alpine Rivers is definitely the perfect recreational venture. With trout being the most dominant fish in the Alps, fly fishing has become a popular practice that is even gaining pro-level interests.

Caving within the rocky mountains of the Alps


The French Alps contains a great number of caves that will certainly appeal to exploring fanatics that crave the smell of limestone and carbonate. A good number of these caves can be found in the Devoluy massif, a limestone mountain in the Southern part of the Alps. They provide an ample opportunity to explorers wishing to quit the mountain surfaces for more obscure locations.

Mountain biking

The terrain and landscape of the French Alps are perfect for cyclists that are more accustomed to the bumpy challenges of mountain biking.  Or simply are seeking more jagged cycling paths as alternatives to the smooth roads in the Alps.

Mountaineering on the ice slopes

For those whose skill levels are well below that of skiing and snowboarding experts, the ancient art of mountaineering may be the activity that floats their boats. With innovative climbing tools and creative techniques now being used, ascending the steepest of the Alps’ mountains may actually be easier than it looks.

Rock climbing

Rock climbing

This is definitely an exciting, albeit energy draining, activity that perfectly suits both individuals and large groups of families or friends. The French Alps has lots of mountain guides and instructors, making it certainly one of the ideal places to master the skill of rock climbing.

Water skiing and wakeboarding

The rivers and lakes in the Alpines are not just natural beauties to be enchanted by. They are also perfect for water skiing and wakeboarding. This is simply the best place for you to safely enjoy any of these water activities.

Walking and hiking in the beautiful summer 

Perhaps the most fun activity to do when visiting the French Alps is the simplest one. By walking or hiking through the magnificent mountains during the warm summer, one can safely explore the Alps while also enjoying the soothing breeze.

There is no better feeling than to inhale a lungful of fresh Alpine air and bask in the amazing atmosphere that makes the French Alps a heavenly destination. 

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