Les Arcs Freestyle Snowpark


Enter your text here...Nothing kindles the human spirit like moments filled with excitement and thrill. What’s better than adventure sports to make those moments happen? One such adventure that revitalises the human soul in a way no day-to-day task can is skiing and snowboarding.  

It is perfect feeling to glide down the slopes, navigating the seemingly infinite expanse of snow.  You're guaranteed to lose track of all the worries and woes of a normal day-to-day life and submerse yourself into an unforgettable experience.

Les Arc Freestyle Snowpark

Well, if a thrilling skiing adventure is an item on your bucket list, it's time to cross it off by visiting the Paradiski Les Arc Freestyle Snowpark.  It's situated right above Arc 1600 but also easily accessible from Arc 1800. It doesn't matter whether you're a beginner or a professional.

The park is open to everyone looking to take their skis and snowboards for a spin in the arena. If you are a novice in the world of skiing, terms such as a 360 or a riding switch might go over your head. But once you catch a glimpse of the thrill these mere words hold in them, you’ll be pumped up for going beyond the basic manoeuvres.

The world of freestyle skiing has no bounds. The amount of joy you can have out of successfully executed tricks is only limited by your imagination. The snowpark is maintained on a daily basis by a team of four "shapers".  They designed the Paradiski Les Arc Snowpark to be place where you can try your first kicker or get some impressive air as an experienced rider.

Learn from the Experts


The popular ski school ESF runs a number of courses to introduce you to the art of freestyling allowing you to level up as you go. Complete beginners can have expert freestyle ski instructors to guide through every step and through every successive kick and turn.

Safety is paramount with regards to sports like freestyling. ESF will instruct you on everything from how to wear your helmet, adjusting your skiis and controlling the speed before you get to the tricks.

It is more than possible for a beginner free-rider to start performing successive kicks and rails.  Then progress through their skiing journey of reaching the more difficult tricks. The varied course also caters for experienced riders taking the sport of skiing to yet another level.  Try performing a succession of rails, quarter pipes is not child’s play. But, that's the ultimate mastery of the course.

December to April

Freestyle Snowpark

The Les Arc Snowpark opens up for adventure sports lovers somewhere close to the middle of December.  It entertains numerous skiing competitions and events until mid-April. However, snow conditions influence the opening and closing timings to a extent.

Finding an accommodation in the vicinity of the snowpark is easy. There are a plenty of hotels, guest houses, private apartments rentals to choose from. These are situated in Les Arcs ski resorts and Bourg Saint Maurice. 

All in all, the exotic Paradiski Les Arc Snowpark is the perfect destination for all to make those awesome unforgettable thrill moments happen.

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