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French Cuisine: The finest food in Les Arcs


French cuisine is popular all over the world and when I say French, I am not referring to those French fries on your plate. I am sure most you might have tasted French food at some point in your life, but when you eat the most authentic French cuisine, it will surely give you a completely new experience. When you visit French Alps you will understand the true richness of the recipes passed down from one generation to other. The freshly cooked food with the exotic aroma of the perfectly blended herbs and spices will surely keep a part of their culture preserved in your taste buds. Here is a list of few finest places to eat in Bourg Saint Maurice which is no less than a mini paradise.

Arc 1600

It is one of the finest resorts in Les Arc. If you happen to find yourself there, you will be surrounded by numerous restaurants which serves amazingly mouth-watering food. To make the best of your visit, always ask the restaurant for their most popular dish.

Le chalet de L’Arcelle

Le chalet de L’Arcelle Restaurant is just 02 kilometers away from the resort which can surely be a good walking distance to make your appetite better. You can enjoy a gourmet lunch sitting by the fireplace or can eat it on the terrace. Don’t forget to taste the fresh meat dishes and explore the various varieties of the wine from the cellar. You can even try L’Arquebuse Restaurant 0.1 kilometers always and it’s Traditional French cuisine. Their menu includes fresh fish and a wide variety of grilled meat, fondue, tartifette, pieradde, raclette, galettes, crepes and home-made desserts. There are many more restaurants in walking distance which will surely catch your eye. 

Arc 1800

This resort is further few kilometers away from Arc 1600 and you won’t be disappointed because this place is also surrounded by a lot of excellent restaurants. You’ll come across many five-star hotels in this location which will serve you the best cuisine in France. A wide variety of wine is something you should probably never miss a chance to try. There are many restaurants which are very reasonably priced.

Arc 1950

It is another resort in French Alps surrounded by a great number of restaurants. Les clarines restaurant is most famous for its variety of seafood. You will be impressed by their traditional atmosphere and service.  This is the main reason for visiting this place at least once, maybe more than once! If you are a hard-core non-vegetarian and are looking for a variety of meat then you surely must try the food of

Hameau du Glacier

Residence Hameau du Glacier Restaurant. They have a specialty in grilled chicken and is definitely worth a shot. There are many small café restaurants which are the best when you are looking for an Apline amazing breakfast.

Arc 2000

This is a very beautiful resort to spend your holidays especially for the excellent food. Pre Saint Esprit is one of the finest restaurants with a very beautiful interior and classical exterior. It is a self-service restaurant but the efforts you make are worth the results. The other famous restaurants include those at Residence les Lanchettes which is a traditional cuisine and is well known for Mountain brasserie, a wide range of Pizzas. The place is always crowded with a lot of foodies and probably the best place for evening snacks. Try to visit as many restaurants you can because you will find something new in each one.

Bourg St Maurice

This town is the hub of restaurants. From finding the best traditional local dishes or the most heavily fondue, you can easily find all that here. La Table des Lys serves authentic French cuisine and I would highly recommend you visit. You’ll find a lot of street food in La Grande Rue which is good enough to make you lick your lips and your fingers! There are plenty of restaurants to explore and there’s always something for everyone.

Bourg Saint Maurice, La Grande Rue

If you get a chance stay in Borg Saint Bourg and Les Arcs, forget the diet and eat as much as you can, because you might not come across this banquet of fine French cuisine again.

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